What made the day so fine? Oh, just this:

Oh nothing, just chillin with Uncle Ted. #theblaze

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Jealousy was a running theme after Dana Loesch started tweeting about her family’s day at Ted Nugent’s ranch.


Husband Chris Loesch tweeted from the fun scene as well.

Me with @shemanenugent at Spirit Wild Ranch. What an awesome family & great day!

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@dloesch holding court with Ted Nugent at Spirit Wild Ranch. Fantastic time!

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Great photo.

Dana tweeted out more great photos (and Instagram video) as well:

#theblaze #thenuge

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Ted Nugent and his wife also had a blast and took to Twitter to praise the Loesch family.

Twitter users agreed.

Stay tuned! In the meantime, check out more here:

Dana Loesch brings it all home with this gorgeous photo:

From yesterday.

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There are more great snapshots over at Dana’s Instagram Feed.


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