Who is Amy Glass and why does National Review’s Charles W. Cooke wish to offer up a challenge? Well, this happened:

As Twitchy reported, “feminist” (and apparent Hilary “just a mom” Rosen wannabe) Amy Glass penned a piece of dreck that sneered at moms and motherhood. Listen up, moms! You totally “lack real accomplishments” and what you do is not “important” and it’s not “real work.”

Just a mom baking cookies and stuff! Silly moms. Evidently using your womb means that you cannot use your brain thereafter in perpetuity. Wow! You’ve come a long way, baby!


Cooke continued and destroyed the contemptuous (and contemptible) Ms. Glass handily:


Make it happen, please. Perhaps a dose of reality will cure Ms. Glass of her smug disdain.

Ding, ding, ding! That’s it right there. Alleged feminists claim they are For the Women ™; They are anything but. They only approve of certain choices and certain women. Those who embrace femininity and, worse, motherhood (the horror!) are considered lesser.

“Feminists” like Ms. Glass prove one thing: There is a glass ceiling that still needs to be shattered. The “feminist” Left continues to hold women down by disdaining motherhood and treating mothers with the utmost contempt.

There is no such glass ceiling on the Right. Conservatives honor and respect women. They applaud motherhood as the great gift and important job that it is. Being a mother is not a detriment. It is an attribute in and of itself and the rewards are priceless.

But keep sneering and demeaning, “feminists.” That’s totally empowering.


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