One Direction’s Liam Payne once again took to Twitter in response to the backlash over his tweet to Willie Robertson of “Duck Dynasty.”

You see, Liam praised the Robertson family, offered love and respect and said he was a fan. That does not suit! The tolerance brigade immediately started bullying, led off by openly gay YouTube personality Tyler Oakley. Love? Need not apply.

The sane have a different take.

Ding, ding, ding!

Payne defended himself admirably, even though he should not have felt forced to do so.

Payne continued and rightly gave PC Police journos and others the business.

Amen. But, hey, that doesn’t push the tolerance bullies’ (including members of the media) false narratives, now does it?


He also replied to Tyler Oakley:

Bingo. He likes a show. He likes the Robertson family and respects them for not only all that they have achieved, but for the strength of their love. For that, he is vilified.

Some exit advice to “real journalists” from Liam Payne:

Nailing? Achieved.


1D’s Liam Payne faces backlash from Tyler Oakley over Willie Robertson fan tweet