Dead-on. As Twitchy reported, One Direction’s Liam Payne made the oh-so-grave error of tweet-praising Willie Robertson of “Duck Dynasty.” You see, Liam is a fan of the Robertsons; He respects the family’s achievements as well as their strong bond and love. That does not suit!

YouTube personality Tyler Oakley got the bullying backlash bridge going. Journos then got into the mix. Liam Payne blasted “bastard” journos for labeling his tweet “homophobic” and for putting words into his mouth.

Former “Real World” cast member and MTV host and personality Chet Cannon had enough:


Amen. Enough, tolerance bullies. The sane are onto you and have had quite enough of your lame, predictable and absurd outbursts. That is what is truly offensive!


‘You bastards!’ 1D’s Liam Payne blasts ‘lazy journos,’ PC bullies over ‘Duck Dynasty’ fan tweet backlash

1D’s Liam Payne faces backlash from Tyler Oakley over Willie Robertson fan tweet