Oh, it happened. Watch, read and giggle madly:

More from The Right Scoop (video at the link, too):

Tonight, he, Lawrence O’Donnell, self-proclaimed socialist and a guy that has previously suggested that Rick Santorum was a closet homosexual who is “deeply confused”, cut away to Santorum talking about Chris Christie’s personnel choices, to favorably use the clip as a smart indictment of the governor. He even praises it as a “businessman’s analysis.” MSNBC is that invested in Chris Christie’s destruction, be it for its own sake or in preparation for 2016.

Lawrence O’Donnell’s funniest self-parody yet? Arguably so! But this Twitter user has an idea to make it even more hilarious:

Good times. Good times.


In addition to being a doofus, O’Donnell apparently also enjoys doing anti-Christie ads in his spare time:

Via NRO:

Some “real journalist,” huh?


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