Aww, yeah.

Indeed. As Twitchy readers know, actor Dean Cain is a breath of fresh and sane air in Hollywood.

The actor recently weighed in on the extension of unemployment benefits.

He also retweeted this dead-on tweet:

Yep! He followed it up with an appearance on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday morning.

Cain killed it with key statements like, “it may not be the job you want, but you take the job!” Come on, now. Stop making so much sense! Watch and be prepared to pump your fist madly:

“The government doesn’t create jobs” and “26 weeks is a safety net, not a free pass” (like 99 weeks would be). Oh boy! You know he scored with those points when he got this reaction:

Bless your heart.

Viewers heaped praise on the actor for his excellent interview:

Cain also scored as a guest on Fox News’ “Red Eye”:

What’s next for Dean Cain? These Twitter users have a suggestion:

Oh my! Superman meets the governor’s mansion? Make it happen.


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