Heh. The brutal headline? Take a gander:

Truth. Boom.

The Cincinnati Enquirer has more:

As hundreds of thousands of Americans shop for health insurance plans on the new online marketplaces, they’re finding that many insurers have limited their choice of physicians and hospitals.

Locally, that’s translated into a smattering of new insurance offerings that leave out top hospitals and doctors, an Enquirer analysis of local plans on the marketplaces reveals.

The Christ Hospital, for example, is currently covered by just two of the seven insurers selling plans on Ohio’s online marketplace, HealthCare.gov. Consumers across the region who buy marketplace plans from Humana or Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield – two of the largest insurers in the Tristate – won’t be covered for care at Mercy Health, which has the most hospitals locally, or UC Health, which has the region’s only Level 1 adult trauma center.

“If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”? Lies. As Twitchy reported, Obamacare architect Ezekiel Emanuel tried to spin away Obama’s lie and said on “Fox News Sunday” that you can keep your doctor … if you pay more, suckers!

It’s funny, yet devastating, because it’s true.


Whoa! Keep your doctor? Obamacare architect: HA, suckers, only if you pay more