Oh dear. Once again, Cher went on an all-caps, profanity-laden rant.

Let’s check it out, shall we?

Link? Cher doesn’t need no stinkin’ links! Plus, step away from the insanity. Do not get drawn in. Do not even attempt to discover what in the heck she means. It will just hurt your sane-brain. Just marvel at how someone can be so consistently unintelligible. It’s a feat!

There! That’s enough of a summation. Feast your eyes on the rest of Cher’s instant classic of a freak-out.

Crazy pot, meet kettle.



Oh, sweetie. Put the Twitter down!


This deadpan question is an early win:


Hacked? Under the influence of alcohol? Does it even matter?

Cher, you might want to check this out:

Zing! How will she be able to continue her hate-filled rants about Republicans? Or continue to call for Walmart boycotts over gun sales?

So there’s that. Hell of a legacy, Cher!

Update: Summed up.