Same here, buddy! So, what is CBS’ Mark Knoller up to today?

Wait, what? Let’s start at the beginning: Mr. Knoller took to Twitter, as he is wont to do, to live-tweet his travels for the holiday weekend. Take it away, Mr. Knoller:

Snicker. President Obama didn’t escape Knoller’s giggle-inducing musings either:


That. Was. Beautiful.

Next up? Some TSA musings:

And some fashion advice snark:

Heh. Then came some further fashion musings that sparked even more unintentional hilarity:

Oh, Knoller! Never change. But, some libs got their hoodies in a twist, natch. Including the vile Allan Brauer, who was booted for his vicious death wish on Amanda Carpenter’s children:


Media got into the mix, too.

Double bless.

Please, try to locate your funny bones. In the meantime, here is Knoller’s latest update:

Which one was it, Mr. Knoller? Don’t leave us hanging.

Yes, please!