Seriously. That’s just pitiful.

That Twitter user wasn’t alone. Others have brought that up before.

Sigh. Speaking of Rob Lowe’s son …

Icky Republican! Can’t have that.

But, are they even Republicans? As Twitchy readers know, Rob Lowe does not toe the Hollyweird liberal line and is not shy about slamming President Obama (and the lapdog media). His son Matthew has also called out President Obama in the past.

Matthew Lowe and Rob Lowe both responded.

Well, Rob Lowe still knows tyranny when he sees it:


And his son understands hard work and goals:

We’ll take it!

As a bonus, Rob Lowe tweeted out some selfies. You see, it was recently his last day on the set of the television series “Parks and Recreation.”


Last scene with The Boys Of Parks And Rec. #FriendsForever

A photo posted by Rob Lowe (@robloweofficial) on

Independent, Republican, whatever: He’s always honest, gracious, beloved and a top-notch Twitter master!


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