Unthinkable and WTF-y, indeed. What is this “no drama” nonsense?

More from Time:

And yet, as the dry-runs continued to produce red flags—over and over—the president remained in his steely cocoon. If this were the presidency of George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan, the obvious theories would abound: the chief executive is disengaged. Or incurious. Or worse. But since Obama is none of the above, what gives?

This much is clear, after speaking with both past and present senior administration officials: no one was really in charge, so no one knew for sure how bad the overall picture was. What’s more, and—perhaps most telling—no one wanted to even hint to the president that this techno-savvy administration possibly had a website stuck in, say, 1995. “People don’t like to tell him bad news,” says an ex-White House staffer. “Part of it is the no-drama culture.”

Oh, well. Leadership, smeadership! What’s really important is that there is no drama for President Stompy Foot.

Isn’t it curious that the man who screeches about “no drama” is actually a teenage drama queen himself? Although, that’s insulting to teenage drama queens. What’s next? No cooties allowed in the White House!

More importantly: What in the actual hell? Obama is supposed to be the leader of the free world. But, ssshhh! He doesn’t want to hear any icky old news. He can haz hugs?


Hey, Pelosi says Democrats are “standing tall” in support of Obamacare!

Rightly outraged citizens continued to take Obama to task.

It is unfathomable.

In a nutshell:


Laugh or cry? Try both. Here is a snicker-inducing idea of what happens when someone dares bring bad news to President Stompy Foot:


Coming soon?

Is this real life? In Obama’s America it is, sadly.


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