Yes. Yes she does.

Sigh. How very “feminist” of you, Cher! Nothing like empowering women by calling them the C-word (and dumb) in nearly unintelligible all-caps ranting.

Fans respond with more filth. Scratch a leftist, find a misogynist. Every. Time.

Oh the old “just a man with tits” deal. They sometimes mix it up with “in a skirt.” It all means the same thing: Dehumanization. Conservative women aren’t “real” women, you see. Sexualizing, infantilizing, sexual slurs: That’s all fine so long as it is aimed at a woman who won’t toe the liberal line.

Wow! You’ve come a long way, baby!

Bingo. But, but … whatever! She’s super icky and stuff. Or something.

Cher didn’t heed that sage advice; She doubled-down. Now with more T-jihadists.

And in a nutshell. Emphasis on the “nut” part:

Yep. Cher sure does shatter that glass ceiling … of crazy. Perhaps Cher should focus more on that C-word. But, you know, self-awareness is hard.


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