What’s the latest Obamacare train wreck spin from Politico’s Glenn Thrush? Oh, just this:

Whatever, whiners! You received a cancellation notice and cannot keep the plan you like? A new plan will result in doubled or tripled premiums?

Snoozeville! Glenn Thrush can’t even bear to hear another Zzzzz-y word!

Suck it up, folks. Your “betters” not only know which plans you should like, but when you should just shaddup. How dare you infringe upon his sight and his hearing with your heartbreaking stories of the devastating effects of Obamacare?

And more spin, baby, spin!

Sigh. It’s a wonder Thrush even had time to be bored what with all his lapdog leg-humping to do.


And an exit question:

Bam! He really is trying, isn’t he? We’ll repeat our protip to you, Thrush: Stand outside the White House windows with a boom box blasting “In Your Eyes.” It would be less shameless and embarrassing.


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