As Twitchy reported, Marc Lamont Hill once again heard a “dog whistle” that only libs can hear and attempted to smear Sarah Palin as a racist. Why? Oh, for saying the word “slavery.” Since Mr. Lamont Hill clearly sees only color, that is racist now or something. Because, Obama.

Fellow HuffPo Live host Josh Zepps asked Lamont Hill if he had anything to pass on to Ms. Palin, who was coincidently in a green room with him at NBC.

Zepps response?

Wow. Can you feel the love and tolerance? Simply saying hello and hugging Sarah Palin is stomach-turning to him. What, will he get her icky girl cooties all over him? This is the Left. They don’t want to “reach across the aisle”; They loathe you.

To be fair, perhaps it is just because intelligent, independent and fierce women really are super scary to the Left.

Pitiful. Also, it’s “lose,” cupcake.


The idjit who cried dog whistle: Clueless Marc Lamont Hill smears Sarah Palin; Gets schooled

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