Fox News’ Brit Hume slammed Obama in classic Hume style. Whoppers!

Dead-on, Mr. Hume! As Twitchy reported, President Liar Pants appended a clause to his “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Period” lie. By, you know, totally lying once again. Seriously, it’s pathological at this point.

Hume then slammed PolitiFact. Remember, the “fact checking” flacks at PolitiFact rated Obama’s “keep your plan” whopper (snicker: Thanks Mr. Hume!) as half-true.


And he scored the trifecta of awesome snark with this retweet:

Boom! The hacks at the New York Times upped the hackery, after their absurd claim (which Hume also blasted) that Obama just “misspoke” when promising you can keep your plan, with that headline. Oh, what a terrible case of “sycophantitus” it has!

Keep it coming as only you can, Mr. Hume.


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