That Twitter user was not alone. Dr. Emanuel, brother of Rahm Emanuel and an architect of Obamacare, hit up “Fox News Sunday” on Sunday. Some Twitter users noticed a little something about the doctor:

Terrifying. And an arrogant bully:

Fox News’ Chris Wallace and guest James Capretta destroyed Emanuel and his ludicrous attempts at defending Obamacare. Watch and enjoy (if you aren’t too scared):

Seriously unhinged. And the sanctimony, it scorches!


Actor Adam Baldwin then entered the mix for the win.

Bingo. You can keep your plan? If he and his ilk decide it is “good enough.” You silly rubes can’t judge. So you are happy with your plan and willingly pay for it each and every month? You just don’t know any better.  Like Stage IV cancer survivor Edie Littlefield Sundby, who is such a silly that she relied on her now-lost plan and her doctors, whom she loves, to keep her alive for almost seven years.

Shaddup and listen to your betters, Dr. Emanuel explained.

Heh. You have to laugh so you don’t cry sometimes.

Twitter users continued to be disgusted by Dr. Emanuel.

This citizen summed it all up.


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