Oh dear. This is so bless your heart-y that you’ll need a second heart to bless, toots.

Wow! If only someone … anyone … could have foreseen it all?

Ding, ding, ding!

We. Now even the fact that the liberal elitists fell for what were absolutely clear lies to anyone with half a brain is also the fault of, you know, the people who saw it coming. It’s everyone’s fault, you see. Well, except for President Obama. Of course it’s not his fault that “all” fell for his blatant and purposeful lies. Sheesh! Plus, we “all” didn’t do a good enough job of warning him. Get with the program, people. He’s far too busy, what with all that sneering in contempt to do.


Citizens gave the MSNBC-contributing fool the business.


That’s right. RESOLVED: Tea Party rubes bested Obamacare-gullible elites.

Yep. Try living in the real world a bit, sir.

But he is correct in one way:

Precisely. The egg-on-face is strong with this one.


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