It has come to this. Americans are fearful of going to the mailbox in case one of the dreaded insurance cancellation notices is waiting for them.

This is Obama’s America.

As Twitchy reported, her fear is not unfounded. Americans who like their plans are asking why they can’t keep their plans. Why? Because President Pants on Fire lied. Continuously. Gee, funny how Tea Party rubes knew that all along, huh?

And there is a pattern: Hardest hit so far? The self-employed and retired, who buy in the individual market. Individual is a dirty word, you see. You didn’t build that and you didn’t choose that.

Heh. Well, Chris “Tingles” Matthews did insanely fume that Sen. Ted Cruz was trying to “kill Obama’s baby.

Forward! To the punishment of responsibility and success.

Smarter Than You Juan Williams may try to lie and say it’s for “better” coverage. Of course, who in the hell is he to decide what coverage is “better” for you, as Brit Hume pointed out when he trounced Williams. He’s wrong anyway: You are also punished for having coverage that is “too good.”

And an exit question:

Hey, it’s probably just a “glitch,” right? Of course, the glitch is currently residing in the White House.  And by “glitch,” we mean liar.


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