President Obama and OFA teamed up for an Obamacare video on the heels of the disastrous launch. Which is really weird, too. Isn’t OFA totally non-partisan and it’s super peachy that it runs the @BarackObama Twitter account? No association! Wink wink!

Ah, the good old “It’s. The. Law” sneering arrogance!



Citizens rightly mock like the wind.

Excellent way to turn it into self-promotion with giggles!

It’s “more than a website”? Yep, that’s the problem, champ. You know what it is? Let these Americans explain:

Train wreck indeed. Time for the classic Obamacare train wreck picture? Of course it is! It’s always time. (h/t @CuffyMeh)


Rep. Stockman sums it up in his own way.

Yep. It’s also cancellation notices, loss of jobs and doubled and tripled premiums.

Heckuva job, champ. But, you know, here’s a snazzy video.


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