Seriously, stop it! Our knees are red from slapping!

Look at this fabulous success story:

More from Press-Citizen:

He completed the process three days after the government’s online insurance marketplace opened Oct. 1. But he wasn’t positive he’d been successful until his new carrier, CoOportunity Health, called him last Friday to congratulate him on becoming the company’s first customer to sign up via the public system.

Voss said the website was one of the worst he’d seen in years. He said it looked like something from the 1990s. The glitches shouldn’t be fatal, however, he said.

But, hey, it’s “working just fine!” The “product is good” and stuff! Keep it up and perhaps Iowa enrollment numbers will best the number of those who have signed up to go to Mars!

And in a snarky nutshell:

Heckuva job, Barry. Again.


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