Wheezing with giggles! Is there a plan for that?

Josh Barro may have shown some idiocy on Monday when he decided that he knows what kind of plans are best for you, but he brought the chuckles on Tuesday with that pic.

Twitter users mock like the wind:


But, look! Here comes the always ludicrous Ana Marie Cox to get her spin on:

Oh, sweetie. Bless.

It is, truly. But, you know, truth is hard.

Another Twitter user captured what happened when he simply tried to create an account:

Aching. Sides.

Create an account and get looped back to … creating an account! Just like when President ShamWow told everyone to use the HealthCare.gov phone number to avoid the non-functioning, glitch-ridden website.

Which then re-routed them to … HealthCare.gov.



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