Beautiful. Twitchy readers know columnist J.D. Mullane for his outstanding coverage of the Gosnell trial. Mr. Mullane was there from the beginning and was instrumental in shaming other journalists into, you know, showing up to actually cover the trial. He also asked a key and devastating question: Did monster Gosnell ever deliver a baby and let him or her live?

Mullane refuses to heel like a good little lapdog. He has taken on Al Gore before:

Heh. That really is all that needs to be said, isn’t it? But there’s more!


He also offered up praise for Sen. Cruz and called out the attacks on him by Beltway-entrenched GOPers.

Indeed. For instance, as Twitchy reported, Chris Wallace revealed that “top Republicans” sent him oppo research on Cruz. And that was even before Cruz’s strong stance during the Shutdown Theater. An excellent cartoon summed up how the establishment GOP is totally behind Sen. Cruz. As Larry the Cable Guy said, Ted Cruz actually “has the balls.” That does not suit!


And an exit quote:

Well done, Mr. Mullane!


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