Irony. It’s so hard!

Alanis! Perfect. And aye, there’s the rub! The Obamacare launch is a total train wreck, as expected. So what is left for lackeys and flacks to do? Deflect like the wind! Now, with more nonsensical spin.


Citizens take him to task and it is glorious.


Exactly. But, hey, never let a little suffering go to waste! Axelrod has “jokes” to make.

That seems to be the trend. White House Obamacare flack Tara McGuinness did it by retweeting a GOP-slam by Media Matters’ Oliver Willis.

Iowahawk brings it all home:


Double bam-tastic.

And for the trifecta:

It’s terrible, because it’s true. But Axelrod doesn’t care about that, natch.


Boom! Here’s some Obamacare ‘irony,’ David Axelrod, summed up in one video


And Rep. Castro (D-Texas) retweeted Axelrod’s ludicrous tweet.

Perhaps he needs some schooling too.


Pitiful: ‘Choke on this, peasants!’ WH Obamacare flack retweets Oliver Willis GOP-slam

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