That’s right. The oh-so-catastrophic shutdown (which many didn’t even notice) was the reason media lapdogs couldn’t ask questions about the disastrous Obamacare health insurance exchange websites launch. You know, the debacle known as 404care. Sorry, people! They had to cover the “distraction” instead. Well, now that a deal was struck to end the theatrics, what say you, media? You’ll get right on the O-care fiasco, right?

Not so fast!

Sigh. Yep, President Stompy Foot spoke Thursday morning and became President Emo. He also put on his blame-y pants and pointed his ever-extended finger at pesky bloggers. Then he upped the jackassery with some football-spiking. He won, so shaddup.

Obamacare? Crickets!

And it looks like none will be forthcoming any time soon.


Will it continue? All paws point to yes.


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