Chills. The good kind.

Twitchy brought you coverage of the Million Vet March in Washington, D.C., on Sunday. Patriots hit the streets in protest of the Spite House and its Barrycades. The photos from the scene spoke louder than any words.  From wounded warriors who helped transport the torn-down Barrycades to the White House, to the sign left at the White House fence, to a brave veteran holding a “tear down this wall” sign, to a veteran’s stomping boot, to a powerful moment of American spirit and to a wake-up call for the media: Racists? Look again.

There are more powerful images and they can’t be missed.

Twitter user Katherine Cresto was also at the march.

And document, she did. Fabulously. These are the images that the lapdog media doesn’t want you to see.

Get out your tissues for this one.

Patriotic fist pump! Through tears of American pride.


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