Twitchy reported on actor James Woods’ tweets indicating that he did not “expect to work again” after his Twitter truth-telling. The actor has been outspoken in his righteous criticism of President Obama: Silent no longer.

The tolerance brigade came out in full force, natch, with cries of “die old man” and other hateful and vicious remarks. Actress Caroline Rhea called Mr. Woods an “abomination.” Why? Because he simply disagrees with her.

Ah, new tone!

Mr. Woods was apparently correct to question whether he would work again. Evidently, it has already been an issue:

Wow. Tolerance for thee, but not for me. As is always the case with the Left.

It is clear that President Stompy Foot learned that spiteful leftist lesson well. As for Mr. Woods? He is continuing to bravely tell the truth and he refuses to be cowed.

Amen, brother.


Double snicker.

And another truth-boom!

Mr. Woods also retweeted this poignant and moving photo, which Twitchy reported on Sunday.

It’s still dusty in here.

Patriotism: It’s beautiful.


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