Wow. Yet again, someone is gushing over convicted rapist Mike Tyson. Unbelievable.

Full tweet:

But He confessed! He didn’t get found out! He coulda lived the lie. Instead he revealed the lie! What r u hiding?RT @WhopChop1: @DamonkWayans @LennoxLewis the most honest??? He’s been hiding he’s a drug addict and a alcoholic just up until a few weeks ago. #ComeOnMan

Put the Twitter down, you twisted soul.

This Twitter user helpfully points something out to actor Damon Wayans:

Whatever! Rape shmape.

That is beyond repugnant. Hey, he didn’t rape you! So shaddup and stuff.

Wayans kept digging.

Yes, that’s it. We are all “haters” who are too afraid to love rapists.

Full tweet:

Can I live and love the people I choose to love? Or must I see them through your eyes? Get a life! RT @depechemoz: @magalie_hunter @DamonkWayans @cockywocky @LennoxLewis wtfCan’t judge someone? he was convicted and spent time in prison for it. Get a clue

Get a life? How about you try to get a soul?

This fan needs to get one, too.

Time to embrace misanthropy?

Dumbest and most foul.


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