Sarah Palin took to Twitter to spread the news about the Million Vets March taking place in Washington, D.C., on Sunday.

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Speaking at a rally for New Jersey Republican Senate candidate Steve Lonegan along with Mark Levin on Saturday, Palin denounced the Obama administration for dishonoring veterans by barricading the World War II Memorial during the federal government shutdown. She said it was “heart-wrenching,” “atrocious,” and “not right.”

“We’re going to zip on in to D.C.,” Palin said of herself and her husband Todd. “We’re going to shake hands with those vets who are being dishonored.”

Palin then accused the Obama administration of “using our military as pawns” during the government shutdown with such actions.

Honoring our veterans? Whatevs! To the leftist tolerance brigade, that isn’t as important as spewing hate at Sarah Palin.


Ding, ding, ding! Want to see actual hate and intolerance? Look to the Left. Every time.


The sane are offering support for Sarah Palin and our brave veterans.