Shutdown snickers! As Twitchy reported, Barrycades can’t keep citizens out of the Tetons. Will the Spite House up the blocking? What about at Mt. Rushmore, which has also fallen victim to the dreaded cones?

Double snickers!

Drudge editor Joseph Curl has some snark scoop on another tourist spot:

Bada-zing! As Twitchy noted, not only is the Obama administration full of spite, but it is full of fail. Vision: It’s so hard. How does that pesky stuff work? You mean cones won’t block people from, you know, seeing? Who knew that science was settled? Perplexing!

Heh. The Barrycades in DC are already totally doing it wrong.

Keep it coming, Twitter. The shutdown should now be known as the spite-down. The stupid spite-down.


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