Oh, Ms. Brazile. That is just precious!

Seriously. This is beyond just silly spin now. It’s super embarrassing.

Ms. Brazile was tweeting during the Sunday shows this morning, but two tweets really took the hack-tastic cake. The one above and this one:

Lying liar who lies or taking a page from Maureen Dowd’s intervention-worthy book? You decide! In the meantime, citizens helped out Ms. Brazile with a simple fact:



Of course, it’s not surprising coming from the always befuddled Brazile.

Heh. Remember, Ms. Brazile was totally flummoxed by her premium mysteriously going up. The baffled Brazile then blamed that on “price gauging.” Oh, sweetie.

If that weren’t enough, check out an absurd avatar she was reportedly using.




Enough said.

That pic from the Senate Democrats was dubbed “worst Photoshop ever.” If she was using that one, Ms. Brazile appears to have changed it now. Will she also wise up about the ludicrous negotiation claims? Stay tuned!


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