Oh dear. Jonah Goldberg explains they are our enemies (except for dogs) and are up to no good at all.

Oh my gawd! The parrots are inside your house!

And “Seinfeld” imitates life. The Twitter users who sparked Jonah Goldberg’s warning? They are not alone.

Cool? Or terrifying?


Heed the warnings, humanity!

Deer are just as dastardly.

Do not let the cute Bambi face fool you.

They came back today. And then some big jerk with big antlers charged at me! #mean #deer

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The first casualty in the #GreatAnimalWar?


Eight. Times. Is that what happened to Sen. Grassley? No wonder he just swiftly left the scene of his deer slaying. Or was it an accident? Perhaps he is a soldier for Team Humans.


Oh, deer: Sen. Grassley goes hunting — with his car