Senator Lee not only took to Twitter, but he took to the senate floor all night to defend liberty and support Sen. Ted Cruz during his epic speech lasting more than 21 hours.



Unlike many politicians, Sen. Lee is doing the job that he was elected to do.

And fight he did. Citizens could not get enough of the good senator.

Bo Snerdley and actor Nick Searcy heaped on the well-deserved praise as well.

Fact. But, hey, the sneering media would have you believe they are just silly rubes. Right, ABC?

That he was.

Sen. Lee again took to Twitter Wednesday to express his gratitude to Sen. Cruz.

Cruz returned the thanks:

Senators, Americans appreciate you both.

A point about the ludicrous lib (including the lapdogs in the media) sneering:


And a fabulous exit quote from Sen. Lee:

Inspired by the American people. Fancy that.

“Of the people, by the people, for the people.” Sens. Cruz and Lee will not let that perish from this earth.


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