He wasn’t forced to resign because he is depraved and unhinged. No, no! Totally his choice and he did it because he’s such a caring giver. All about the party, baby! He’s like a martyr and stuff.

As Twitchy reported, Allan Brauer, the foul former communications chair for the Sacramento Dems, wished death on the children of Amanda Carpenter, Ted Cruz’s speech writer. Twitchy then exposed his history of revolting hate and misogynist attacks. Brauer was then forced to resign. But, did he learn any lessons? Is he even the slightest bit remorseful?

Evidently not, as his Twitter feed proved on Sunday. Take a gander:

Wow. Just when you thought he couldn’t get any more shameless or shameful.

Ding, ding, ding!

Look at him, look at HIM!

Didn’t you hear him, guys? Move on. It was just mean words or something.

Just “mean words!”

Those with a moral compass continued to rightly give the cretinous Brauer the business.


And some exit words of wisdom:

Yes. Please do.

By the way, Brauer also retweeted this post, which knocks Amanda Carpenter.

But, you know, he’s totally altruistic and stuff. Sorry? HA!

Once a hate-filled misogynist, always a hate-filled misogynist.


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