Wow. As Twitchy reported, Fox News’ Chris Wallace revealed that “top Republicans’ sent him unsolicited oppo research … on Sen. Ted Cruz. How dare he have a spine and attempt to accomplish the will of the people? Now NRO’s Robert Costa is reporting on more stompy foot news that he is hearing from sources.

THAT is their greatest fear? How about, you know, the future of this country and the debilitating and devastating effects of Obamacare? They should try worrying about that first, rather than covering their own behinds due to their staggering lack of backbones.


Double heh.

Cluck, cluck, cluck! Stomp your feet like the wind, but then bravely run away.


The jackassery, it scorches.

The grassroots: You know, we, the people.

Stand strong, Sen. Cruz.


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