No, for reals. Watch it.

Silly Romney! Good thing smug and Smarter Than You Rachel Maddow was there to mock him and save the day!

Hey, sweetie, not so funny now, is it?

Ace of Spades’ John Ekdahl continued calling out the media and Obama’s incompetence, which has now resulted in utter humiliation and concern-trolling by Vladimir Putin via the Fishwrap of Record.

The shake fisty is strong with this one. Epic rant? Accomplished:

National Review’s Charles Cooke joins in with insightful snark:

Speaking of pwning:

Ekdahl then utterly guts President Obama and the lapdog media with a slew of epic flashback-videos:

Oh no, keep going!

Of course not! Once again, “just bloggers” are doing the job that the lapdogs don’t want to do.

Bingo. But, hey, words are hard too.

Kerry doesn’t escape his righteous wrath either:


Speaking of tweets from last year:


The link leads to this Yahoo! Answers page:

Will WW3 happen if Mitt Romney wins presidential election?

As Instapundit would say, “they told me if I voted for Romney … .”

And Charles Cooke leaves us with a bright side:

Whew! Crisis averted.

We won’t hold our breath for lapdogs to respond. It’s nearly impossible to shame the shameless.


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