Did CNN’s Jake Tapper break the scoop that comedian and actor Albert Brooks is Obama’s new adviser on Syria?


What was so spooky, yet wonky? Oh, just a little eerie prescience by Brooks:


Indeed, he did:

Oh my. As Twitchy reported, David Axelrod credited Obama’s “credible,” (yet unbelievably small) threat for forcing Bashar al-Assad to consider giving up his chemical weapons to Vladimir Putin. Well, Twitter now knows that it was the foreign policy expertise of … Albert Brooks? Hey, at least it wasn’t fellow comedian Richard Lewis. All he has is: Because, Bush!

Dave Rubin attempts to steal Brooks’ thunder:

Yeah, no, Rubin:

You clearly aren’t transmitting to Vladimir like Mr. Brooks is!

And this Twitter user has an exit suggestion to fully credit the “Finding Nemo” co-star:



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