Never. Gets. Old.

As Twitchy reported, President Pass-the-Buck said Wednesday that it is Congress’ credibility on the line in regards to Syria.

That’s right: Unprecedented jackassery! He slammed Congress on the world stage. The president also said that he totally didn’t draw that “red line.

What about your gaffes? Once again, it’s now “what gaffes?”

Indeed. As always, Iowahawk sparks mad giggle fits.

He has been on yet another roll of late:

It’s funny, yet frightening, because it’s true. Iowahawk then scored with a mock-tastic nickname for President Eye Candy:

Dreamy McMompants! Perfect and an instant classic.

He continued:

Narcissist in chief.

Another Twitter user hilariously blasted Obama with an Iowahawk reference.


This Twitter user poses a terrifying question:

Criminy! The only thing President Obama seems to excel at is failure.

John Hayward brings it all home and settles on the side of one incompetent failure:

Good times, good times? Sigh.


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