We’ve mentioned that y’all should be following @ExJon on Twitter before. If you aren’t yet, what are you waiting for? @ExJon brought the funnies once again on Saturday when he lambasted President Not Time Sensitive as only he can. As Twitchy reported, President “Like, Whenever” Obama says that military action in Syria is “not time sensitive.” No rush, guys! Syria can wait and stuff.

Plus, you know, it’s time to hit the links.

ExJon got things rolling by giving military quotes an Obama-esque twist.


Other citizens followed hilarious suit.


Twitter users know that sometimes you must laugh so that you don’t end up curled in the fetal position, weeping.

ExJon ends with a Teachable Moment ™:

And the always brilliant Iowahawk helps to bring it all home:

Once again … Fore-ward!


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