Snicker. What sparked Ace of Spades to graciously decode Twitter bios for everyone? Well, this happened:

You see, a HuffPo community “contributor” aimed a vile sex fantasy attack at Dana Loesch. Ah, tolerance and love!

Ace has more:

The attack involves degredation via anal sex and Allah’s vengeance for the unrighteous. Kind of like the Reeces’ Peanut Butter Cups of hate.

Progressive blogger Pascal Robert, known online as “THOUGHT MERCHANT,” launched a vile attack against conservative radio host Dana Loesch on Tuesday.

Here is what I have learned:

Anyone who claims to be “funny!” or “witty!” in their Twitter profiles is neither.

Ace goes on to translate self-brags in Twitter profiles. Serious You Guys: Read the whole thing. He then took to Twitter to continue the hilarious drubbing as only he can.

And for the win:

Giggling madly. While shuddering. Does that equal shiggling?

Fellow Twitter users helped Ace with the translations:

Nailing? Accomplished.


More please, Twitter.


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