Freedom-loving author Brad Thor nails it once again.

Can we get an “Amen”? Or several:

Thor continued:

Yes. Like the racism that comes from the Left.

Precisely. But, all “those people” must think alike. So Dr. Carson does not suit! As Twitchy reported, neither does Sen. Tim Scott, the nation’s only black senator. You see, he happens to be a Republican. How dare he? Twitter summed up the devastating reason that Sen. Scott was not invited to speak at Wednesday’s March on Washington.

Speaking of the March on Washington, Thor summed it up with a devastating point:

Hard, and sad, truth.

Tragic, indeed. But perhaps people are finally seeing the light. Maybe more and more people are growing sick of it:

Don’t expect the media to report that, though. Remember how they ignored Beck’s Restoring Love? Doesn’t suit the grievance-mongering narrative.


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