She’s not alone.

Sometimes real life is hard. You see, the nightmare-inducing Miley Cyrus reality just won’t end:


Twitter users needed an escape. For a change of pace and a way to try to end our long national nightmare, they had some fun with #thingsthatonlyhappeninmovies. First up, Iowahawk:


National Review’s Jonah Goldberg got in on the mocking action:

Giggling madly! And then Ace of Spades took on the hashtag as only he can, with some help from fellow Twitter users:

Seriously. Does every movie mistress have some kind of facial tic that causes her head to loll about all willy-nilly? Or a strange collar fetish?

It’s Thanksgiving every day!

Oh dear.

Looks like Ace will need to teach Hollywood producers the facts of life like he did Amanda Marcotte!

And Ace ends with a snort-worthy kicker:


But wait … there’s more!

And for the win:

Fantasy, indeed!


‘Know why men like boobs?’ Ace teaches Amanda Marcotte the facts of life with hilarious results

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