We loved it too. Actors William Shatner and Adam Baldwin entered into a hilarious race for the best smack-talk on Twitter Tuesday night. Adam Baldwin kicked things off:


Snicker. He then upped the smack:


Oh snap! But he was no match for Shatner!



Shatner wasn’t done.


Awesome. Twitter users love their exchanges and hope they continue.

As Twitchy reported, William Shatner also loves “national” days. Tuesday, he enthusiastically wished everyone a happy Banana Lovers Day (with bonus old-timey speech). He also gave a heads up for another event:

“Dancing with the Stars” host Tom Bergeron responded:


And Bergeron did not escape the wrath of Shatner either! Earlier in the evening, Shatner laid the smack down.

The. Master. A wise and frugal master, too.

Keep it coming, Mr. Shatner!


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