Yes, very wrong.

Actor William Shatner took to Twitter today to wish everyone a happy Banana Lovers Day. No, seriously:

Right back atcha, cupcake! This Twitter user needed some clarification, however:

Shatner’s response is a classic:

Ice box! Adorbs. Get off his lawn and let him sit on his davenport while watching his boob tube that is set nicely in his chifferobe! And pull up your dungarees!

Gasp! How dare you? Get off our lawns.

Other Twitter users loved the old-timey speech.

Yep. As for Banana Lovers Day itself?

So do we. Oh, so do we. Alas, it is a real thing. But, let’s just keep hoping he makes all this stuff up, shall we? Too good to check!

Never change, Shatner.

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