CBS’ Mark Knoller zinged, perhaps unintentionally, President Obama for his predictable, and shameful, “phony scandal” swipes. Distract! Distract like the wind! No matter if that means diminishing, say, the lives of four dead American. Benghazi is a “phony scandal” too, you see.

President Obama is speechifying it up today in Buffalo, N.Y. Knoller tweet-reported the speech:


“Phony scandals” was missing too, evidently.

Knoller always keeps tallies. Mary Katharine Ham gave him a good-natured ribbing about that Wednesday night.


The “phony scandals” line was missing from that delusional Obama jab.

Sigh. Same old, same old.

Knoller is continuing to live-tweet the speech, but can he top the “phony scandals” wisecrack? We’ll see!

Editor’s note: The title of this post was amended.


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