Brit journo Billy Kenber is currently at the Washington Post as a Stern scholar. He penned an article at WaPo in which he wrote that he found “the extent of the cult of celebrity surrounding the Obamas striking.” Lapdogs at Politico recently ran cover for the incredibly shrinking cult, but Kenber was partially referring to the press pool itself.

CBS’ Mark Knoller took some issue with the article and took to Twitter to explain:

But when they do, some squee that “it’s a treat!

Except when they aren’t allowed, natch. Transparency!

The press, meanwhile, gets fed “glazed charm offensive” donuts!

Knoller isn’t whining about being “prisoners” like some lapdogs did recently. But, this Twitter user has a question:



Twitter users, including Drudge editor Joseph Curl, react to the article:

Eric Boehlert whined, natch:


The article also went on to lament the fact that poor, little Obama has no privacy and other Twitter users note a few things about the journo himself.

Some smell sanctimony:

Summed up in a hashtag nutshell:


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