Bam-tastic! What caused Larry Elder to call out the race-baiting “victicrat” Touré this time?

Yep. As Twitchy reported, Touré edited this tweet from Magic Johnson:

Full tweet:

Riley Cooper’s teammates will never forgive him, I don’t care what they say publicly. Riley should be given a second chance. People will never look at Riley Cooper the same.

The second chance part didn’t fit his narrative, you see.

But, hey, it’s OK! Everyone totally edits and such, according to the oh-so-ethical Touré:


He then responded to Mr. Elder:

Sigh. So precious! Larry Elder already took race-baiters, including Russell Simmons and Goldie Taylor, to task after their shameful attacks on CNN’s Don Lemon. Twitter users giggle madly at Touré’s absurd deflection attempt:

A plus side for Touré?


Elder explains exactly what a “victicrat” is:

Touré in a nutshell!

Bingo. For shame, Touré.


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