Oh, Piers. Basically, his alleged argument boils down to “because, guns.” Also, he is psychic, evidently.

CNN’s Piers Morgan once again took to Twitter to ghoulishly politicize to push his gun-grabbing agenda. Worse? He is parroting Bette Midler, of all people. Sweetie, when you are repeating Bette Midler’s “thoughts,” there is a problem.

Some of his best friends are jury members.

Maybe he’ll hate the laws so much that he’ll follow through on his threat to deport himself! Fingers crossed.

Twitter users swiftly schooled the self-beclowning Morgan.


He must have borrowed Al Sharpton’s race card.


Well, laws are hard! Much like those amendment thingies.

Ah, Musket Morgan!

And let’s not forget Morgan’s utter hypocrisy:


And a Twitter user turns the psychic reading around on Mr. Morgan with an exit snark-prediction:


Keep digging, Piers. You only serve to expose your own idiocy further.


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