Oh, sweetie. Aren’t you just precious?

Ah, yes! Twitchy is living rent-free in yet another attention-seeking actress’ head. Why? Oh, for quoting her verbatim. You see, General Hospital’s Nancy Lee Grahn threw quite the snit fit when it was announced that Elisabeth Hasselbeck is moving to Fox News.

Pointing out her own words and her own double standard hypocrisy? That does not suit! What is an actress to do? Read out loud from her tear-stained diary, natch! “Oh, those cray crays! And that Michelle Malkin! Michelle, Michelle, Michelle!”

Twitter users swiftly mocked like the wind.

Evidently! Hence, her Twitter “slam book.” Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld then entered for the win:

Mock-tastic and bam-tastic! Leave it to Gutfeld to sum it all up in one snicker-worthy tweet.

This Twitter user sums up another great point:

Bingo. Look at me! Look at ME!

Perhaps, Ms. Grahn, it is time you take a little look in the mirror and really see yourself.

You’re welcome.


Bless her heart.


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