Bam! Once again, Iowahawk starts it off with a zinger! John Stossel provided a Teachable Moment ™ about smarter government in one tweet, but it didn’t end there.

That’s right. The challenge was accepted and the White House upped Obama’s “smarter government vision” idiocy by trying to start the #SmarterGov hashtag.

Bless its heart!

Heh. Citizens roundly mocked President Obama and the White House Twitter account.

Iowahawk also noted a painful truth about the mock-worthy feed. However, there is more snarking to be had!

Indeed. Even more hilarious is the fact that the hashtag was hijacked. Yet another White House hashtag attempt fail. Will Team Obama never learn?

Read and giggle madly:

And for the win:

Now that is smart!


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