Actor Jim Carrey was rightly on the receiving end of a huge backlash when he released his gun-grabbing song “Cold Dead Hand.” He announced its release with a tweet calling gun owners “heartless motherf*ckers.” Tolerance, baby!

Carrey also recently tried to belatedly distance himself from his latest violent movie after he was called on the carpet for his utter hypocrisy.

Now he attempts a fauxpology on Twitter. He totally loves all you “heartless motherf*ckers.” Sorta.

His position hasn’t changed. So, he still believes that gun owners do not care about children and that gun violence is totally “karma,” bitter clingers. But, hey, at least they aren’t “motherf*ckers” now, is that it? Are they still impotent and shooting blanks? Are their lives still not worth protecting, Jim?

His douche-apology isn’t going over very well.

Hmm. What say you, Carrey?

Heh. Maybe it is time for another round of Jim Carrey snit-fit mockery in the form of #CarreysEmoticons?

Fauxpology fail, Mr. Carrey. The only thing for which he is sorry is that he got called out. He still believes everything he said; he is simply bravely running away from saying it aloud.


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